Important of Digitization of Equipment & Vehicle Operations in Mining
Digitalization helps keep your Site safe

Until today, most safety problems were discovered during inspections or after inspection reports were sent to the Command Center or the Operations Center. But with digitization, inspectors and operations control can predict, model and prevent failures from occurring in a mine. When paper based inspection forms are shifted to mobile based inspection forms.

Using mobile based inspections forms result in better precision and accurate data, and more importantly, this data is available real time to your operations center.

Digitalization helps your team anticipate and deal with failures

Shifting paper based inspections to mobile based inspections allow the capture and recording of data in real-time. This data is sent into your operations database.

From here, intelligent systems analyze patterns of equipment behavior, workplace inspections, and safety systems to help you identify potential dangers and potential failures. This data is crucial in helping teams anticipate and deal with failures.

One of the most important components of digitization in mining is digital data. Equipment and workplaces are fitted with smart sensors (Internet of Technology or IoT) which capture and record data at constant intervals. Workplace sensors help measure safety of the workplace in real-time. Using sensors on equipment, the operations control center can measure equipment performance, anticipate failures, and replace parts just in time. This also helps various teams manage production much better during down times.

Digitalization helps optimize scheduling and material flow

Mining companies have utilized software to create schedules and have them distributed via radio or paper to miners. Material flow is still being managed using data captured from miner call-in at periodic intervals, the end of the shift or the end of the day.

In a time when miners are facing troublesome economic conditions, what miners really need now is a robust platform that allows them to control and manage material flow on the fly. Although the call-in technique has served the purpose quite well, there have been reports of inconsistencies in data that is reported.

Digitalization in mining utilizes tablet like interfaces in equipment where operators can view their daily targets, and measure their performance. These interfaces can measure and deliver accurate data in real-time to the operations control center. Daily targets and production control can be changed on the fly, and operators get notified instantly.

This real-time transfer of data can keep the supervisors, managers and the leadership up to date with production information, and they don’t have to wait until the end of next day to get a production report of the previous day.

Digitalization helps track and maintain site performance in real-time

Digitalization allows daily schedules to be transmitted real-time to site interfaces such as tablets and phones. Miners and operators are always aware of progress against their daily targets, and help the operations control center achieve better mining performance.

How? The data that is captured from miner and operator interfaces (tablets and phones) is displayed at the operations center in real-time. This allows better understanding of mining performance, and helps leaders track and maintain mining performance in-line with business goals.Data collected from your equipment and mine can be put through powerful analytics software to give you actionable insights.

Digitalization example:

A tablet mounted to a loader to help the operator capture accurate data, and consequently, help the supervisor optimize production

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