Take Control of Heavy Equipment Inspection and Maintenance

Fleet Management Software For Inspect and maintain your fleet and vehicle with ease

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Take Control of Heavy Equipment
Inspection and Maintenance

Streamline Your Inspections, Resolve Issues, and Enhance Collaboration

Transform the way your team conducts heavy equipment and vehicle inspections with our cutting-edge inspection management software. Our platform is designed to help businesses worldwide efficiently perform inspections, identify problems, and take swift action to resolve them.


Efficient Fuel Management for Heavy Vehicle Fleets

Streamline your fuel management with HVI APP. Record fuel consumption, track fuel intake, and monitor fuel storage for your heavy vehicle fleet. Integrate with fuel credit cards and analyze fuel cost per mile and per hour. Simplify your fuel management today.


Safety Management Solutions that boosts safety performance across the heavy industry

Revolutionize workplace safety with our comprehensive safety management system. Streamline processes, mitigate risks, and empower your team with proactive safety observations, interactive safety meetings, intelligent incident management, and customizable safety modules. Achieve unparalleled efficiency, compliance, and a thriving safety culture.


Maintenance Work Order

#1 Software for Inspection & Maintenance HVI's mobile-first CMMS software makes technicians more agile and maintenance teams more productive.


Predictive and Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

Proper maintenance scheduling helps ensure your organization operates most efficiently. Achieve your maintenance scheduling goals with software.

Perform inspection and maintenance tasks faster than you can say
"computerized maintenance management system" with HVI software.


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Inspection Executed


Work Orders Executed

Helping businesses to unify cost, efficiency, productivity and safety by one connected platform.
Global Presence
HVIM software is built for the world's best reliability leaders.

Increased Productivity
Track and fix the productivity issues with Daily operator reporting on work hours, Machine usages, DVIR and additional business data collection.

Lower Maintenance Cost
Reduce annual maintenance cost by 25% with well planned PM schedules, follow up process and detailed tracking on parts, labor.

Cut Administration Cost
No paper printing or reduced administration efforts to maintain machines, compliance data, audit information.

3-Month Average Payback Time
3 month is a average payback time of investment takes to recover the cost for the "Heavy Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance Software"

No More Paper or Spreadsheets

A powerful app for inspections, inventory, work order and schedule in the workplace.

Our Features
A powerful app for inspections, inventory, work order and schedule in the workplace.
HVI, streamlines the process saving your time, money and lives.
Signed PDF inspection report with details on each inspection item including marking of Repair, Replace, pictures and voice Notes. Inspection items are defined in checklists.
Maintenance WO
Generate one click Work-Order from Inspection report. Print WO, Consume Parts, assign mechanic and track progress on each item of work order. Maintain labor, material cost with logs of Repair.
Set auto schedules of Inspection, Maintenance based on meter reading or calendar duration. App will notify on future schedules, when it’s time to work.
Team Management
Perform daily inspections & generate weekly reports.
Inventory Management
Maintain Vehicle and parts inventory. Bulk data upload feature from excel.
Fuel Management
Fuel Bunker to store and Fuel consumption reporting including receipt image attached.
Daily operator reporting
Extend App interface to all your driver operators to conduct daily Inspection, log fuel, downtime, hour’s usages on daily basis. Consolidated weekly PDF report of daily activities. Immediate App notification triggered, if operator flags any issues.
Email, App Notification
Immediately receive email notification on faulty inspection reports. Mobile App notifications on Operator Daily Reporting, on assignment of WorkOrder, upcoming schedules.
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What our customers are saying
As a Fleet Manager, the HVI app has revolutionized the way I manage our vehicles. The comprehensive features for inspections, maintenance, fuel tracking, and safety have streamlined our processes and saved us countless hours. The intuitive interface makes it easy for me to monitor our entire fleet's status in real-time, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. I highly recommend the HVI app to any Fleet Manager looking to simplify their operations and boost productivity.

Rabie Elkheir

Fleet Manager
The HVI app has been a game-changer for our maintenance department. The automated maintenance schedules and reminders ensure that we never miss a service, keeping our vehicles in top condition. The ability to track and manage work orders, inventory, and technician assignments through the app has significantly reduced downtime and improved our overall maintenance workflow. Thanks to the HVI app, we've seen a notable decrease in breakdowns and an increase in our fleet's reliability.

Ryan C.

Maintenance Manager
As a Safety Supervisor, the HVI app has provided me with the tools I need to maintain a strong safety culture within our fleet. The app's real-time driver behavior monitoring and incident reporting features have allowed us to proactively address safety concerns and provide targeted training to our drivers. The customizable safety checklists and inspection forms ensure that our vehicles are always in compliance with regulations. With the HVI app, I have peace of mind knowing that our fleet is operating at the highest safety standards.

Rick Barth

Safety Supervisor
Implementing the HVI Fleet Management app has been one of the best decisions I've made for my business. The all-in-one platform has provided us with unparalleled visibility and control over our fleet operations. From reducing fuel costs through efficient route planning to minimizing vehicle downtime with proactive maintenance, the HVI app has helped us optimize every aspect of our fleet management. The comprehensive reporting and analytics features have also given us valuable insights into our fleet's performance, enabling data-driven decision-making. I am extremely satisfied with the HVI app and would recommend it to any business looking to enhance their fleet management capabilities.

Sarah Johnson

Business Owner
As a CFO, I am always looking for ways to optimize our company's financial performance. The HVI app has proven to be a valuable investment, delivering measurable results and cost savings across our fleet operations. The fuel management features alone have helped us reduce fuel consumption and costs by identifying inefficiencies and optimizing routes. The preventive maintenance capabilities have also extended the life of our vehicles, reducing repair expenses and minimizing downtime. With the detailed financial reporting and analytics provided by the HVI app, I can easily track our fleet's performance and make data-driven decisions to further improve our bottom line.

Emily Patel

Implementing the HVI Fleet Management app has had a positive impact on our HR processes. The app's driver management features, including license and certification tracking, have streamlined our compliance efforts. The ability to easily assign and monitor training through the app has also enhanced our driver education program. Furthermore, the app's user-friendly interface has made it easy for our drivers to complete daily vehicle inspections and report any issues, promoting a culture of safety and accountability. The HVI app has empowered our team to work more efficiently, reducing administrative burdens and allowing us to focus on our core HR responsibilities.

Michael Rodriguez

HR Manager
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